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Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing and Removing Negative Energy

There is 7 chakra points of energy on your body each one plays different part in the way you live every day and the way people see you without you realizing it in your life. Each point control a different aspect in your life, your chakras start at the top with the crown and ends at the bottom with the root when your chakras are clean and in line you will feel more positive and you will also see how things in your life are a little more open and easier for you when your chakras are blocked you will feel the impact in different ways confusion depression anxiety tiredness problems in love and career how people hear you and treat you these are just a few examples of what happens when your chakras are off blanched each chakra can & does effect different parts of your life.

7 chakras

Crown Chakra
spiritual connection transformation, self-realization, and enlightenment.

Third-Eye Chakra
Intuition higher knowledge, intelligence, intuition, insight, and self-knowledge

Throat Chakra
Communication, self-expression, and truth, listening and speaking, inspiration, healthy expression, faith, and the ability to communicate

Heart Chakra
Love, joy, and inner peace self-love, attachment, compassion, trust, and passion

Solar Plexus Chakra
Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem your personality ego, anger, and aggression

Sacral Chakra
well-being, pleasure, creativity and self-worth. creative expression

Root Chakra
financial independence, money, sense of security, stability, comfort ambition, Fight or flight,

Chakra Light Therapy
Crystal Light Therapy is one of the many ways we clean and balance the chakras. Light therapy is a good way of balancing your chakras. Since your chakras are made of energy and are in your body the light shines through the crystals to go deep into your body and clean and balance your chakras a lot faster there are 7 lights each one is a different color to match the different chakras as well as the crystals are also different types to match each chakra. Light therapy is different then most ways to clean your chakras because light is able to penetrate deep into your body and soul you are able to get more out of light therapy. Then you would with just the crystals and meditation

How light therapy is done
You will enter a room with low light and there is a table you lay on then I would turn the lights on the lights are lined up to the 7 chakras then I will place a crystal on each chakra point one the body making sure the light is over each crystal. I then burn sage, and have you close your eyes and focus on a certain thought and then I would play music and begin the light therapy. Each session last 45 minutes after your session I will let you know if your chakras are cleaned and balanced also if some are not totally balanced, I will let you know which one you need to still work on.
After light therapy most people feel more relaxed, lighter, more positive about life, recharged, more energy. Can see more clear and able to focus better.

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