Chicago Psychic and Tarot Card Readings By Sarah White

Specializes in Reuniting Love Ones Guarantee Results

About Psychic Sarah White

Sarah White is a 3rd generation spirituals psychic in her family and one of the top 10 psychics in the Midwest

Sarah and her daughter Eva have a small shop in the raven wood area that they do readings From in person . they also sell crystals candles oils and tarot cards call to day for a reading

About Sarah : she is 3rd Psychic she is been doing readings for over 40 years, She does readings in person or telephone she specializes in relationships family matters and career . she gives all type of readings does all types of spiritual work and mediation Sarah will amaze you with her ability to explain to you where you come from, wear you are and where you going. in your life. she will tell you the truth wither it is good or bad if the path you are following is wrong or right. People contact her from different parts of the world to help them in there love life She Specializes in reuniting love ones. she has reunited so may people back together in over the 40 years that has been a spiritual psychic

Eva White, has been doing readings for over 20 years she is a forth generation psychic, She works with light therapy healing stones crystals balance the aura she also works in the shop do all types of readings and servicers.